Bridging Gaps in Research

Through a coordinated research effort involving patients, clinicians and researchers, the Brain Inflammation Collaborative strives to uncover connections between brain inflammation and mental and physical health and make advances in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuroinflammatory illness.

Uncover hidden connections between inflammation and mental health with patient-reported outcomes that leverage wearables, and validated assessments on the Unhide™ Platform for groundbreaking research insights.

The Unhide Project is an ongoing online clinical study that assembles patient-donated data to help clinicians and researchers accelerate breakthroughs surrounding brain inflammation and mental health.

Join the Movement

The relationship between brain inflammation and mental health is vastly understudied and misunderstood. The Brain Inflammation Collaborative is leading the charge to change that. Discover all the different ways you can support our mission to find long-overdue answers and solutions for patients.

Accelerating breakthroughs in neuroinflammatory disease.

Treatment-resistant mental health is devastating patients and families around the globe. We want to change that. But we need your help.

By partnering with researchers, expert advisors, and people like you, we are working to uncover the solutions needed for better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental and physical health symptoms triggered by neuroinflammation.

Our Mission

The Brain Inflammation Collaborative’s mission is to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of neuroinflammatory illness through coordinated research efforts as well as through advocacy, awareness, and education. We aim to ensure that brain inflammation impacting mental and physical health is properly diagnosed and treated. We do this by:

Collaborating with researchers, clinicians and patients

Developing &
supporting innovative research tools, methods and projects

Educating patients, clinicians, researchers and others about the impact of brain inflammation on mental health

Our Platform

We believe that many mental health symptoms often relate unknowingly to neuroinflammation. Proper diagnosis and treatment of such neuroinflammation can, and often does, lead to symptom improvement. Unfortunately, the connection between neuroinflammation and mental health is often hidden in plain sight, creating years of pain for patients, families, and clinicians. 

One of our highest priorities is developing The Unhide™ Project, because of its potential to bring breakthroughs related to the diagnosis and treatment of neuroinflammation on mental health. It is an online and ongoing clinical research study that allows patients, clinicians, and researchers to look for patterns and triggers in mental and physical health that we feel are driven by inflammation. The simple to use longitudinal data collection and biobank platform easily tracks patient stories, symptoms and life events with coordinating bio-samples all in one place. By participating in the Unhide™ Project, patients, clinicians and researchers will join a larger collaborative effort to help learn more about the much understudied area of brain inflammation.

Grant Funding & Research Coordination

We are coordinating and supporting research in a way that has never been done before. Through grant funding and the initiation of new research, we aim to advance a better understanding of neuroinflammation and to improve the diagnosis and treatment of mental health symptoms triggered by brain inflammation. We look to remove the barriers to research that often include protocol writing, IRB approval, data collection, data analysis, and publication writing – along with the fees that can be prohibitive.

“The more scientists we have studying these complex, neuroinflammatory disorders, or brain inflammatory disorders, the more tools we’ll have to diagnose and detect and to treat.”

Dr. Jenny Frankovich, 
Director of Immune Behavioral Health Program Stanford University

Empowering With Collaboration

The Brain Inflammation Collaborative hopes to inspire the connections needed to make strides in understanding how brain inflammation affects our overall community. The need for patients, clinicians, and researchers to come together to learn from one another’s experiences to fuel these necessary advancements is essential to successfully uncovering the connection between brain inflammation and mental health. 

We bring people together through educational outreach, conferences, seminars, webinars and innovative research projects and tools. We partner with researchers, leading expert advisors, as well as patient advocacy organizations to support us as we work to accelerate the process of uncovering the solutions needed for better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of brain inflammation.

Interested in learning more about the Brain Inflammation Collaborative?

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