Bridging Gaps in Research

Through a coordinated research effort involving patients, clinicians and researchers, the Brain Inflammation Collaborative strives to uncover connections between brain inflammation and mental and physical health and make advances in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuroinflammatory illness.

Uncover hidden connections between inflammation and mental health with patient-reported outcomes that leverage wearables, and validated assessments on the Unhide™ Platform for groundbreaking research insights.

The Unhide Project is an ongoing online clinical study that assembles patient-donated data to help clinicians and researchers accelerate breakthroughs surrounding brain inflammation and mental health.

Join the Movement

The relationship between brain inflammation and mental health is vastly understudied and misunderstood. The Brain Inflammation Collaborative is leading the charge to change that. Discover all the different ways you can support our mission to find long-overdue answers and solutions for patients.

The Brain Inflammation Collaborative works to collaborate with clinicians, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare systems as well as academic institutions and research institutes seeking to advance the diagnosis and treatment of neuroinflammatory illnesses that impact mental health.

Collaborate with Us

The Brain Inflammation Collaborative (BIC) aims to provide financial and logistical support for analyses of our data and use of banked bio-samples to create the fastest and most accessible track to necessary disease diagnosis and management. We hope to work together with collaborators in a way that moves us all closer to effective treatments and a better quality of life for people living with mental health symptoms caused by neuroinflammation.

Whether you are a clinician looking to do research and don’t know where to begin or a seasoned researcher, we want to hear from you. Check out Our Research Projects & Strategy page for collaborative research opportunities. Or reach out to us at to discuss your ideas around collaborating options with our staff.

Patients Powering Change with the Unhide Project

The Unhide™ Project is a clinical research project that studies patients’ disease courses through electronic, patient, and clinician submitted data collection. The primary purpose of this natural history research platform is to collect real world prospective and longitudinal data from patients with neuroinflammatory syndromes, including close follow up through their treatment experiences with a series of validated clinical evaluations. We want to uncover the connection between brain inflammation and mental health.

You can mail a check (payable to Brain Inflammation Collaborative, Inc.) with your donation any time to the following address:

Brain Inflammation Collaborative, Inc.
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