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Through a coordinated research effort involving patients, clinicians and researchers, the Brain Inflammation Collaborative strives to uncover connections between brain inflammation and mental and physical health and make advances in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuroinflammatory illness.

Uncover hidden connections between inflammation and mental health with patient-reported outcomes that leverage wearables, and validated assessments on the Unhide™ Platform for groundbreaking research insights.

The Unhide Project is an ongoing online clinical study that assembles patient-donated data to help clinicians and researchers accelerate breakthroughs surrounding brain inflammation and mental health.

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The relationship between brain inflammation and mental health is vastly understudied and misunderstood. The Brain Inflammation Collaborative is leading the charge to change that. Discover all the different ways you can support our mission to find long-overdue answers and solutions for patients.


The Brain Inflammation Collaborative plans to accept research grant applications in the fall of 2024. Grants will be based on using our data collection platform. Inquiries and questions are welcome.  Click here for application.

Institutions eligible for BIC funding include nonprofit and commercial institutions with no restriction as to geographic location. Federal and state government agencies (within the United States and other countries) and their employees are eligible for BIC grants.

Undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are eligible for BIC support but are required to collaborate with a qualified Administrative Principal Investigator who serves as the director of the laboratory or facility in which the research will be conducted. The Administrative Principal Investigator will be responsible for assisting in providing all institutional documents required for the project and will be required to sign any award. Biographical information is required for both the student/fellow and the Administrative Principal Investigator.

Understanding and following the proposal guidelines listed below will give researchers the best chance to receive funding. You can download our research grant application here. Please include the information below:
  • Specific aims of the proposal including hypotheses, methods, statistics
  • Timeline and milestones for completing specific aims (including a Gantt chart)
  • Your complete contact information and proposal date
  • A bio-sketch or CV
  • Associated costs, broken down by the following:
    • Personnel
    • Materials
    • Other costs (regulatory approvals, etc.)
    • We cover indirect costs at a 5% rate
    • We do not fund tuition or travel costs
BIC is familiar with the great need for new discoveries, diagnostics and therapeutics in neuroinflammatory illnesses, so there is no need to spend much of the proposal on this topic. We do want to understand how your research will affect patients who are not easy to diagnose and treat. If applicable, please describe your approach to addressing early-stage versus late-stage illness and illness flares.

Project proposals are carefully screened by our Board of Directors, Chief Scientific Officer, and specific Scientific Advisors that are expert to the type of illness model in the grant proposal. Our confidential scientific proposal review process helps ensure that dollars granted go to the projects with the greatest potential impact. Once funded, projects are subject to continuous monitoring and review with additional funding contingent on successful progress.

To submit your application, please email

For additional questions about application submissions, please contact our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Denise Calaprice-Whitty at

You can mail a check (payable to Brain Inflammation Collaborative, Inc.) with your donation any time to the following address:

Brain Inflammation Collaborative, Inc.
925 Genesee St #180440
Delafield, WI 53018