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Through a coordinated research effort involving patients, clinicians and researchers, the Brain Inflammation Collaborative strives to uncover connections between brain inflammation and mental and physical health and make advances in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuroinflammatory illness.

Uncover hidden connections between inflammation and mental health with patient-reported outcomes that leverage wearables, and validated assessments on the Unhide™ Platform for groundbreaking research insights.

The Unhide Project is an ongoing online clinical study that assembles patient-donated data to help clinicians and researchers accelerate breakthroughs surrounding brain inflammation and mental health.

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The relationship between brain inflammation and mental health is vastly understudied and misunderstood. The Brain Inflammation Collaborative is leading the charge to change that. Discover all the different ways you can support our mission to find long-overdue answers and solutions for patients.

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Published 10-18-23

The Brain Inflammation Collaborative is excited to announce our newest collaboration with Stanford University’s Immune Behavioral Health Clinic and Research Program. Learn how this will advance data collection for clinical trials in pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS)

The year 2023 has been an impactful year full of progress. In the latest newsletter edition we review all of the years milestones and look onward to 2024. We are incredible excited for the opportunity to continue empowering researchers to investigate the connection between chronic inflammation and mental health. 

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